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If you live in a car, you need to be able to sleep at night. However, this can be difficult if you don`t have privacy. On a motorhome road trip? It depends on your luck in your hometown? Whatever your situation, there are several places near you where you can legally camp in your car. Ohning is an associate professor of photography at Columbus State Community College and a producer for a New York advertising and media agency. She lived in her car for a year, from 2015 to 2016, for the same reason: She tried to pay off $42,000 in student loans after attending Ohio State University. Eileah Ohning is one of those who have such mobile homes. She and her boyfriend rebuild a van so they can live in it and save money. If you need access to Wi-Fi or the internet, spend time in coffee shops or the public library, where you can do your business and conduct social interactions to keep your mood going. Industrial parks are a ghost town after 5pm on weekdays and all weekend. Usually in secluded locations with plenty of doorless parking. As a former security guard, research the types of businesses in the park.

If it`s a central bank or a big software/tech company, forget about it. Security will be on you in seconds and they will take you further. They want businesses where people sit at their desks, drop papers, and go home and at the end of the day. Generally well-lit and quiet, although these places can attract young people looking for mischief in their cars or on their skateboards. To live in your car, start by finding a safe place to park overnight, such as a friend or family member`s house. If that`s not an option, park in a church parking lot or in a national forest that offers free camping. If you can afford it, you`ll get a gym membership so you have a place to shower and use the bathroom. If you can, get yourself a small cooler to store cold drinks and food in your car.

You can also get a post office box or ask a friend to use their address so you can receive important mail. To learn how to stay under the radar while living in your car, read on. The 24-hour gyms are a great place to park at night, as people come and go all the time and most of the time, don`t follow cars in the parking lot. You want to be discreet here, because this is another legal grey area. They can be fired if you cause a disturbance. It`s a great idea to gain membership so you can gain access to the facilities and build trusting relationships with the owners or people who work there. Another challenge of living in your car is finding a parking space. You can`t park wherever you want – you have to find legal and safe parking spaces. And in some cities, you have to move your car every few hours to avoid getting a ticket.

In the United States, there are no national laws on life in the car. However, each state has its own laws on sleeping in the car. The best solution would therefore be to find designated overnight parking spaces in time. Below are the state laws regarding car life. StateOvernight parking at rest areasCar Sleep LawsAlabamaNot allowedNo parking on highwaysYou can be stopped if you have control of a vehicle while drunk, even if the car is not moving. It`s forbidden in some cities like FairhopeAlaskaNothing specifiedParking and sleeping in the car Laws vary from city to cityYou may not be allowed to park on public property that is not marked as an official parking lotIn Anchorage, you may not park on a street, public parking lot, or public road for more than 24 hours, except from Friday noon to Monday noon. ArizonaAllowed, but no camping outside the carSome cities like Phoenix prohibit camping, including car camping, you can be stopped if you have control of your vehicle while you`re drunk. ArkansasOnly allowed for safety, no campgroundParking laws vary by city.