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The main advantage of online converters is that they are easy to use and work on any platform as long as you have a modern browser. You can use an online tool like TinyWow to convert your Word document to PDF first and then to the image format of your choice. However, if you work with multiple pages, there are better solutions. We recommend that you save documents as PDFs before converting them using a third-party application on Windows or a preview tool. Alternatively, you can turn to online converters. Microsoft Word can save .doc and .docx files easily in other formats, but in JPG it cannot. Don`t worry, though, because we offer online tools that allow you to quickly tailor your documents to your needs with just a few clicks. The formatting and image quality are fully preserved when transitioning from DOC file format to JPG format. In this case, you can use a third-party converter. There are several, but one of the fastest and easiest is Convertio, an online and free file converter. Here`s how to use it: As you understood from the excerpt above, the online Word to JPG converter actually consists of two similar converters, Word to PDF and PDF to JPG. To change the file extension from JPG format to Word format, you can reverse the process with these online converters.

For more information (especially if you`re dealing with scanning), check out the JPG to Word guide on our blog. DOC is a word processing file created by Microsoft. This file format transforms a plain text format into a formatted document. It supports almost all operating systems. It can contain a large amount of text, data, graphs, tables, images, etc. It can also contain Rich Text Format (RTF) and HTML text. Free online service to convert Word files to optimized JPEG images. This tool offers better image quality than many other Word to JPEG converters, offers bulk conversion, and allows files up to 50MB. With the latest versions of Microsoft Word, you can save your documents as PDF files that are easier to convert to image files. Starting with Office 2007, Word added the Paste Special feature, which can convert documents to png, jpg, gif, and other picture formats. Here are the steps: As a popular online site, our team strives to be as compatible as possible for our 40+ million monthly users.

Word documents can be downloaded from any operating system such as Windows, Mac or Linux. For mobile users who may have difficulty saving non-image files, you can export and convert document files from two popular online storage services: Dropbox and Google Drive, directly from your web browser. JPG graphics are easy to share with others and insert into many types of documents, and if the content of your JPG is just text from Word, it will usually be a small file. Although Microsoft Word documents are compatible with other word processors, you may need to save them as a JPG or GIF. Although you cannot export your document as an image file, there are several ways to do so. All of them are free and simple, so you can use whatever suits you best. Our Word to JPG converter allows you to convert Word documents to JPG in original quality while preserving formatting and styles. Which of these conversion methods best suits your needs? How often should you convert Word documents to pictures? Share your thoughts in the comments. If you want to insert text in JPG format into a Word document, you can follow the steps in the previous section to take a screenshot and then paste it back into the Word document. But there is an easier way to do it entirely in Word. The methods described above are useful when you need to convert a limited amount of text to JPG, but all the text needs to fit on the screen to work properly.

If you have a lot of text, you may need to reduce it so much that it becomes unreadable. And these techniques are simply not practical if you want to convert an entire document to JPG. 5. In the Save As dialog box, click the Save as type drop-down menu and select JPG. Then name your file and click Save. The Best Tool to Convert Word to JPG in High Quality Tip: Your PC offers a variety of other screenshot methods. Check out our guide to learn how to take screenshots on a Windows device. 1. Start Word with the text you want to convert to JPG. If necessary, use Word`s Zoom slider in the lower-right corner to make sure all text is visible. Tip: Apart from the Cmd+Shift+4 command, you can take a screenshot on Mac computer using one of the many other methods. Word files are often meant to be shared, and Microsoft includes a number of tools to make sharing and collaboration easier.

But sometimes you want to make sure that no one else can change as much as a comma in your document. The easiest solution is to save your Word file as PDF, but what if you want to paste text into another document? In this case, you may want to convert Word to JPG. 4. In the Paste Special dialog box, select PDF and click OK. The text is inserted into the document in a non-editable format, as if you had pasted it into JPG format. 4. The text appears in the document in a frame that you can edit and format, but the text inside the frame is now an image and cannot be edited. Everything is done – download your JPG image to your computer. The entire Smallpdf website is available online for free.

There are tools to convert file formats, combine pages, or even create electronic signatures online. We also offer Pro subscriptions, which means frequent users can unlock a handful of bonus features, including the fastest possible conversion of Word images to JPG, i.e. through batch processing and 20% faster download speed. If you`re not sure if you need the Pro subscription, we`re offering a free trial so you don`t have to commit right away, so there`s really no reason not to try it! You can use Microsoft Paint or other image viewers and editors to save Word documents as JPG or GIF. Follow this article to learn how to convert Word document to JPG or GIF. There is no one-click way to convert Word to JPG to Word, but it is quite easy to take a screenshot. 2. In the Windows search bar, find and select Snipping Tool. 2. Click Select Files and select the Word file you want to convert. 1. Start Word with the text you want to paste as JPG.

Note that the PDF to JPEG application converts multiple pages, which should work better if you need to convert a long document to images. The limitation is that saving to GIF or other image formats is not supported. Also, you cannot adjust the quality of the images. Since your document is in PDF or JPG format, additional manipulation is possible via the many online tools. More than 100 guides on how to use our tools are available for you to read on this blog. But honestly, with the tagline “make PDF easy,” you can directly learn from the tools themselves on the go. All they need is a drag and drop and a few optional navigation clicks. 4. It will take a few moments to convert the file. When you`re done, click Download and retrieve the file from your Downloads folder. 2.

Select the text and copy it (press Ctrl + C on your keyboard). 3. In the Snipping tool, click New, and then drag the bounding box around the text in Word that you want to convert to JPG. Under the hood, this tool uses the Microsoft Office program itself to convert your Word files to JPG format. This means that the JPG output looks exactly like the original working document. Also, we can easily process Word files with multiple pages. If you get an image with a black background, you can try these solutions: 3. Press Ctrl + click to bring up the context menu, and then select Paste Content. 3. Make sure the drop-down menu is set to JPG and then click Convert. 3. Right-click in a document where you want to paste the text.

On the shortcut menu, locate the Paste Options section, and then click Picture (the third icon you want to insert). Each of the described approaches has its advantages and disadvantages. If you need to convert a single page to JPG or GIF, using Print Screen and Microsoft Paint or Paste Special is the fastest way. 4. On the menu bar, select File, and then select Export. Change the format to JPEG and click Save. 4. In the Snipping tool, click Save Capture (the floppy disk icon). 1 Simple API to Convert Files from Your Application JPG, also known as JPEG, is a file format that can contain images with lossy image compression technique from 10:1 to 20:1.

With the compression technique, the image size can be reduced without losing the image quality. Therefore, it is often used in web publishing to reduce the size of the image while maintaining the quality of the image. Download the results file by file or click the DOWNLOAD ALL button to get them all at once in a ZIP archive.