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I believe Lohan is merely therefore desperate for some unrequited like one to she’s going to carry it from anyone, anyplace

I am not sure whatever they was previously for example but You will find seen him or her from time to time once the Lindsay got off rehabilitation. I yes had the experience she’d be having cocaine- powered societal orgies [italic]without[/italic] Sam minding her. That overall, she was a bonus.

Enjoys some one in reality questioned the girl their sex?

It’s very incredible for me that there exists a number from people with this extremely thread while making reasons why Lindsay can not be besides bi or homosexual however in a good experience of which woman.

You either individuals are very Most unsuspecting and are projecting your self to Lindsay Lohan or you. better, same once again.

There’s most of the chance catholic singles nГЎvЕЎtД›vnГ­kЕЇ Lindsay Lohan is actually relationships the lady which will be bi or homosexual. I’ve found it positively laughable that individuals are coming right here stating this relationship is simply a mediator for some dream man for the the new clouds awaiting Lohan. You to informs me half girls into the here need to be from IMDB or iVillage.

Brand new vibrant is corrected. I don’t know exactly what SR feels like in private needless to say, however in social she actually is cool since the good cucumber if you’re LL is actually clingy, jealous, and throwing in the ‘ILY’s.

Dina Lohan will likely push because of it therefore she take all the the wedding planning and celebrations on her truth show.

Sam is an excellent influence on Lindsay. The woman is also annoyed Lindsay out of going out towards clubs and you may enjoying this lady DJ, that’s something they carry out argue regarding the.

R138, um..yes, you can occasionally play with medicines without being a nut. Lindsay is an addict, Sam might use coke occasionally but don’t into the the total amount off Lindsay and you will, after it had been apparent it was an issue to have Lindsay, never ever up to this lady. Indeed, she might have avoided having fun with overall, that i i do not know. Sam is definitely a good impact on Lindsay, that is new nearest situation this lady has Had in her own existence so you’re able to balance. They really carry out love eachother.

For him or her coming out..hell, they mostly has actually. I might feel interested observe what might takes place when the Leno or Letterman asked the lady on their show if she try dating Samantha Ronson. I’d nearly put cash on it one she wouldn’t refuse they.

Dina and you can Ali one another said “they are merely friends. it is ridiculous” when asked particularly if the Lindsay try relationships Sam. Both shook the heads within the disbelief the matter was actually asked.

Could it possibly be Ali Lohan send inside bond utilizing the lesbian assertion? Sam are away from the original girl this woman is banged.

Dina did not even attempt to refute it. She merely told you “Samantha’s an amazing lady”, hence talks amounts. And one another searched thus uncomfortable for folks who observe the video.

Whether it was a male superstar, here wouldn’t be any doubt for the man’s minds he are homosexual with no you might be trying to make right up the this type of bullshit reasons having their choices

I really do view it amusing how some body think that Lindsay’s lesbianism is occurring since the a manifestation of their downward spiral and not one the girl unpredictable manner occurred due to her have a problem with this lady lesbianism.

I agree 167. I am just now recognizing exactly how difficult it is to steadfastly keep up that it work me personally and you can I’m 31. I’m sick of it.

[quote]I actually do find it amusing how some body think that Lindsay’s lesbianism is occurring because the a sign of this lady downward spiral rather than you to definitely this lady volitile manner happened because of the woman have a problem with the lady lesbianism.

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